What is foresight streaming?

Foresight Streaming is an iterative approach that enables companies to launch relevant concepts and stay ahead of their competition.

How does it work?

Foresights Streaming starts with an online platform where carefully selected consumers share their experiences and opinions. We encourage them to start conversations about topics they consider to be relevant. By studying conversations systematically we are able to recognize patterns. We then validate these patterns with other resources, like internal data, print magazines, social media. Foresight streaming is a continuous process in which new themes arise out of seemingly unorganised data. Enriched with our marketing expertise, these patterns become insights with predictive value: Foresights.


Why should companies work with foresight streaming?

Foresight streaming enables companies to keep track on their targets groups. By systematically studying their contexts over time, it is possible to recognize the ingredients the future is made of and identify emerging demands. With foresight streaming companies are able to develop concepts that meet the new demands of their customers even before the competition does.  

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